Studio MBB - Making Webinars Fun Again In Progress

Project description

Studio MBB constantly works to improve the quality of live audio-visual productions at Maastricht University. Set up as a collaboration between the Faculty of Psychology and the UM Marketing & Communications department, the studio was built from the ground up in December 2019. It has since grown into a semi-professional facility available to Maastricht University students and staff.

Equipped with state-of-the-art streaming, recording and lighting equipment, the studio allows for various setups and levels of interactivity. More importantly, it offers the technical and production resources to make your wildest online streaming dreams come to life.

We support streaming to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Vimeo, Blue Billywig or any other platform of your choice. Our guests can be present both virtually and physically at the same time, in any combination. In view of COVID-19 regulations, four physical guests are currently allowed in the studio and we adhere to all common-sense safety measures while producing.

To date, 41 live shows have been produced in the studio. Learn more about it in our blog post.

Project team

Bernd Kapeller Project leader

Project Manager Digital Innovations

Bernd is technical project manager within the Digital Innovation department...

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