FPN Introduction Days App Completed

Project description

The FPN Introduction Days App

This app is a perfect example of a collaboration with another department and how to share knowledge, in this case with the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. They were looking for a way to automate and improve the registration process during the annual faculty introduction days and provide their new students with up to date and personal information in an app during the event.

Having little experience in building apps they asked us for advice and help. We sat together and decided to create this app together, making perfect use of, and sharing the knowledge and experience of each team member. Rick and Pascal started with making a design and user interface in Adobe XD. This way a working mockup of the app could be presented to the client without any programming. It is clear that this approach is way more efficient than starting programming and designing from scratch and having to change things every time if the client is not satisfied!

After the design and UI was approved, we started building the (basic) framework and functionalities of the app and the design was implemented. Our colleague at FPN then took over and made the necessary connections to the backend of the app and finalized the functionalities. At the time everything was working properly, we sat together once more to double check and test everything. When finished it was uploaded to the App Store for IOS and the Play Store for Android.

The use of the app during the introduction days was a great success! Students had to log in with their UM credentials and then scan a QR code containing their profile and introduction programme information. By scanning the QR code one could also see if their registration was complete or not. (For future use it is possible to expand this functionality so that one can immediately see what is still missing in the registration process, what needs to be done and where to go!) The app works with real time data, if for instance a group number or location would change in the course of the week, it was updated instantly and thus providing the students with accurate and the latest information.

As (the pilot of) this app is a great success, it is very likely that other faculties also want to use it, though for UM wide use alterations are necessary as almost all faculties or schools have different programmes during their introduction days. But of course, we are looking forward to making the use of such an UM wide app possible!  

Special thanks to our FPN colleagues Charlie Bonnemayer and Thom Frijns for making this app possible together and the nice collaboration!

Due to the corona pandemic the making of a UM wide version of this app was put on hold as this app is not suitable for online events like the introduction days. We are writing January 2021 now and there is a chance that we (hopefully) can turn back to 'normal' in the course of this year. It is already clear that the School of Business and Economics and University College Maastricht want to participate in this project and make use of this app during their introduction days. The development of a UM wide introduction days app has started again in January 2021 by Rick Sollet and Pascal de Roos in collaboration with FPN. Aim is to finish the new version of this app before summer 2021 and let's hope that all the participating parties can use this app during the introduction days of the next academic year (2021-2022). 

Project team

Digital Development Officer

Pascal de Roos started working at the Marketing and Communications Department in 2008 as web coordinator and editor...

Lead developer

Rick is lead application developer of the Digital Innovation department together with the team, he works on projects for Marketing and Communications, where he develops digital solutions for Maastricht University...

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