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You can download the app here by opening one of the links below on your device (IOS or Android):


How the app was initiated

In 2019 our HR department introduced a new way to prepare for the annual appraisal, a talk between a staff member and his or her manager about the work situation, personal development and other things. The predecessing form has now been replaced by a nicely designed (by DimCoppen) coloured handout and a pdf form to make notes during the year without having to fill out a five page long form.

When we heard about this new approach, the idea to build an ‘appraisal app’ came up in our minds immediately. After all, writing on a printed handout is not really sustainable and in case you’re making notes digitally (on a pc or laptop) it is likely that after some time you forgot where you stored the last version of your notes…

As the design (graphics) was already there and the functionalities of the app are not really that complicated and comprehensive, we decided to build the app ‘in between’. We had a brainstorm with our two interns about the UI and made a ‘wireframe’. Next, we started building the app, which in the end took us two weeks in total. The ‘Appraisal App’ became available in the App Store for IOS and Play Store for Android in autumn 2019.     

About the AppRaisal App

The annual appraisal is a dialogue between you and your manager structured around four themes: looking back, looking ahead, your short-term development and your long-term development. You can use this app to record during the year how you are doing.

With the AppRaisal App you can make notes for each theme, anytime and anywhere! Your notes are stored on your mobile device so you will always have them within easy reach! With the push of a button a PDF file is created with all your notes per theme. The PDF file can be shared easily by for example sending it to your email address.

The app also comes with a ‘push notification’ functionality. Notifications can be used to remind users that they will have their annual appraisal soon but can also be used for other purposes.

As said, all notes are stored safely on your device, you and you only have access to your notes with your personal pin code. The app is bilingual, you can choose between English or Dutch and you can indicate when (month) your next appraisal will take place.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Project team

Lead developer

Rick is lead application developer of the Digital Innovation department together with the team, he works on projects for Marketing and Communications, where he develops digital solutions for Maastricht University...

Digital Development Officer

Pascal de Roos started working at the Marketing and Communications Department in 2008 as web coordinator and editor...



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