We are Studio MBB

Studio MBB constantly works to improve the quality of live audio-visual productions at Maastricht University. Set up as a collaboration between the Faculty of Psychology and the UM Marketing & Communications department, the studio was built from the ground up in December 2019. It has since grown into a semi-professional facility available to Maastricht University students and staff.

Who we are

Equipped with state-of-the-art streaming, recording and lighting equipment, the studio allows for various setups and levels of interactivity. More importantly, it offers the technical and production resources to make your wildest online streaming dreams come to life.

We support streaming to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Vimeo, Blue Billywig or any other platform of your choice. Our guests can be present both virtually and physically at the same time, in any combination. In view of COVID-19 regulations, four physical guests are currently allowed in the studio and we adhere to all common-sense safety measures while producing.


What we offer

Interactive formats that inspire

We help you turn your webinar into a fun and engaging experience. We will give you pointers and tips and make it happen together with you. If we get involved early in the process, we can lend our expertise to your cause and help you get started. We will guide you through the early production stages, from script development to cost estimation. We have experience with all the interactive gimmickry and know when to use it and when not to.

Creating "must-see" online events

Our services include the option of on-air graphics and the pre-processing of video clips to be shown during the event. We have the possibility of call-ins from speakers or participants through the same platforms that we stream. As every event has its own requirements, we try to adapt our offer to your specific needs.

Full-service support and aftercare

You can book the studio plus technician to host your webinar, online symposium, workshop, lecture, recruitment event, talk show - you name it. We take pride in our work and offer a full service: from advice on your script or scenario to the actual implementation and selection of the right technical solutions for your specific needs. It is best to contact us as early as possible. We are ready when you are.

How much does it cost

We are part of the UM family, so our advice and suggestions are free. For a standard one-hour webinar format, we charge a fixed fee of €250. For productions that take place outside the studio, we charge a flat rate of €500. We occasionally provide remote support for which we charge a fixed fee of €75.

Additional costs may occur based on the specific requirements of your event. These will be discussed and made transparent before we start production.

As regards payment, we will send an internal invoice to you or directly to your financial department.

Contact us

Contact us directly us via our website. When not to contact us: We specialise in facilitating and organising online live events for Maastricht University. So, please don’t contact us if you want pre-produced video clips or a studio the size of a football stadium for your bachelor’s graduation ceremony. In those cases, there are other parties you should approach and that we regularly work with: Science Vision and the UM Student Video Team. Feel free to contact them and let them know that we have recommended them!




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